Welcome to Wheel-it-fit wheel fitment calculator

Want to know the exact wheel and tire size for your car ?

Wheel-it-fit is a wheel fitment simulator that allows you to visualize two overlapped configurations. You can choose any combination of wheel size, tires, offset, spacers, coilovers, camber and spring rate. Even the most insane setups can be simulated !

Wheel-it-fit Wheel fitment calculator


Better than a wheel size guide !

Wheel size guides are subjective because many things can come into play and unlike generic calculators, Wheel-it-fit uses the actual data from each car to make measurements very accurate. This calculator is unique because it simulates the suspension as well as the natural camber generated by the mechanical parts.

Available cars

Mustang, Golf, FRS / BRZ / 86, Miata, WRX and more !